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Some Great News To Share!

I wanted to take a moment to share some great news with all of our members and prospective members. Yesterday we received word from Sal, President of the OCA, that we are now an official chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America! If you've been to our website ( you'll have noticed the new wording regarding this distinction.

I'd be remiss if I didn't spotlight and thank those who have worked so hard to get us here!

First, THANK YOU to Tony, our vice-president, for all the work you did getting the charter paperwork completed, signed, and submitted. I'm not sure how many miles and hours you logged getting this done but I am sure it was significant!

Next, to our zone directors Sal and Tom for approving and signing the charter application so quickly, and to the OCA board for again quickly approving and passing the motion to accept us as a chapter.

And finally, and certainly not least, to Sal, president of the OCA, for everything he has done supporting us, guiding us, and getting the application process moved along to the point where we are accepted in record time!

Tony and I got started discussing this in September, and the application was submitted early October. Who would have thought that things would have moved so fast? It's a testament to the dedication of those involved and the unconditional backing and support from the men and women of the OCA!

Two last things:

1. If you haven't checked out our shiny new website, you should! Just head over to - everything you need to know is there. We also have Oldsmobile forums to discuss and get help on a variety of topics. We'd love to put a picture of your Oldsmobile(s) on the "members cars" section of the website, just email a picture to: and we'll put it up.

2. And a final reminder: If you have not yet signed up for a committee we need you to do so. Please see the previous message to this one, or check your inbox for the email I sent yesterday. We need to have everyone signed up before next weeks meeting. Our club is only as good as its members, and we need everyone involved to make great things happen.

I look forward to seeing everyone Monday 12/7 at 7pm for our next monthly Zoom meeting! Until then, keep those Rockets lit!


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