Car Show Season is Here!!!

Finally - the weather is getting warmer and show season is underway! NJ is starting to open things up as the COVID19 vaccine becomes more readily available. It's time to dust off the Oldsmobiles and get them out of the garage!

In addition to the numerous regular cruise-ins, and cars & coffee events, there are many more car shows being added every week. As we've mentioned in our membership meetings, we'd like to get everyone together to start attending events as a group. We already have a few Oldsmobile invasions set up. Our club will only be as good as its members are active, so we need everyone to get involved!

Speaking of getting involved, our first ever annual show will take place this year at Miller Airpark on 9/18/21. We'll have the entire fairground to make it an event no one will forget. But to do so, we need to get everyone involved. Please speak with Tony, our VP, who will be heading up the car show efforts if you can help in the planning, and especially when it's showtime! On the day of the event, we will need all hands on deck to help!

We'd also like to make sure everyone does their best to attend our meetings. Currently, they are held virtually via Zoom. This can be access by computer, tablet, or smartphone. If technology scares you just dial-in via phone to join by voice only, no video. We will soon be moving to a hybrid style meeting, where those of us who can meet in person will, and the rest will be beamed in via Zoom. Since our membership encompasses all of NJ, and even surrounding states, it's the best way to allow everyone equal ability to take part in the meeting.

Also speaking of our meetings, we send out an email blast a few days before the meeting. If you are not receiving the email, check your SPAM filter first, and if you don't see it please let us know. You can also look under the DOCUMENTS section in the member area of the web site to access the meeting with 1 simple click. Meetings are usually help the first Monday of the month at 7pm unless rescheduling is warranted which you will receive a notification of.

So now it's time to get active! Let's stay safe, have some fun, and make some lasting memories in 2021. As we being to put the COVID era behind us and move on to a new normal, let's make sure that new normal includes attending car shows and cruises, helping each other out with our projects, making some lasting memories, and keeping those rockets lit! Let's make 2021 the best season yet!

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